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Caption That Photo!


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Every now and again someone from Flite Test posts a picture from behind the scenes, and they don't always tell us what's going on. We've done this on the Facebook page, and I thought it would be fun here. Add your caption as to what you think is happening, or what they guys are saying/thinking.

Be sure to at least quote the post of the image you're captioning, so we aren't confused as to which picture you're talking about.

I'll start with this...

Caption Contest 002.jpg

(hmmm, quoting just leaves a text link to the attachment. To cheat, right click on the image, and open it in a new window. Copy the link from the address bar, and paste it in your post bracketed by IMG code like this... [img ]LINK HERE[/img ] Remove spaces after img)


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
First Picture:

Episode: Frankenplane BUILD - Project
Time of Video: 11:13
What and who was talking:

Josh Bixler: "I´m seeing this cloud gettin freakingly close to us! Do you want us to get it down?"
Josh Scott: "Yeah, let´s get it down"
But that picture wasn´t taken with the same camera, than the picture used in the video!
It was taken out of another angle!

As you can see here:
unfortunately the image uploade doesn´t work with me currently :/
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Good thread Fred.

And in response to the question you are going to ask...

JS - What the, ok I got eyes on the front half!
JB - I got the tail.
Chad (laughing hysterically from off screen with the rest of the crew)- I'll get the glue.
JS - Shouldn't Canadian geese be north of the border. I can't get a break. Yeah, "break", you know what I mean.
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JS "That was chad wasn't it?"
JB "Yup"
JS "Why was he on my landing roof?"
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