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Carbon Cub S+


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Hello. I am new to RC flying and have purchased the Carbon Cub S+. How important is the compascalibration before flight?


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I've never owned a Carbon Cub S+. I see this plane uses GPS to auto land, I suspect the compass calibration is important. With quads if the compass direction deviates from the GPS direction, it will confuse the processor and cause unexpected results. It will cause a fly away.

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The compass calibration is important for using the features in the carbon cub. If you were flying it without the sparrow modes, it wouldn’t matter but for auto land and auto circle etc. it is very important. Good luck, and welcome to the forums!


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I have a Carbon Cub S+ and the compass calibration is easy to do. I think you set you transmitter sticks and then turn it over 2-3 times end over end, and then roll it 2-3 times. It is in your book. I always fly at the same field so just did it once and that was at my house. I have now pull the GPS out of the plane so no longer worry about it.