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Carbon's Dream Project .....Sorry Colorex....


Elemental Madness
So as you guys may know I started into the field of Search and Rescue. But after actually getting lots of gear I realized that the task was rather large for someone that has only been flying for about a year. So I decided to step back and continue to learn and eventually one day be able to complete the project.
My dad has decided that with my help he wants to start an aerial photography business. We want to take pictures for realtors and possible video/virtual tours for golf courses. Although the latter won't be possible until 2015.
So my plan is to use a QAV500 with a GoPro hero 3 black on a lunar lander style gimbal. I will be using a Naza to stabilize it and a 5.8ghz fpv system to stream video out from an FPV camera and the GoPro. On the ground station we will have goggles for the pilot(me!) and a screen for the GoPro. I will try to figure out a way to re-route the knobs on the 9x to a separate control panel for controlling the gimbal.

Total cost will be around $2000 but if we are getting $250-$450 per job it would be worth it!

One thing I wanted to ask any QAV500 owners was can it lift FPV gear, a 2200mah battery, gopro, gimbal, electronics, and such? I'm using the motors that are suggested on FPVmanuals.


Elemental Madness
Oh I am still using it for the project, it is merely on hold. Right now I'm working on the Caron B-3, waterproofing and such. In the spring I will be setting it up and flying with my new camera and am going to see what I can do. It is just on hold for the winter basically. All the donated material will continue to be for the project, not for my business.


Elemental Madness
No plan on abandoning ship! The thing that slowed me down was the fact that I just plain ran out of money. I will be right back on it in the spring! No worries.
I think you should make some landing gear(not wheels but those stick thingys) and put the GoPro on the botttom to get nice footage and remember expos