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Carrier Landing Challenge

Here is a challenge for you all!

Stretch out a thin bungee chord across your runway, leave a little slack in it though. Next, install a tail hook to your aircraft. That's it your all set to become a carrier ace. We've done this in the past at a fun fly, and it was a blast, its kind of like a spot landing challenge on steroids. Would be pretty cool to see an FPV view of this as well.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
I like it! Maybe have a challenge with David shocking the Joshes and bixler with the f18 vs Scott with the old fogey or bix 2.
I think Scott could win this one!


Senior Member
Don't even need a bungee cord. Just a couple of weights and a string. The force of the arrested landing would tend to pull the weights together and slightly forward. The bungee might launch the aircraft in reverse! To make it even more of a challenge, lay a couple of sheets of 4X8 plywood end to end and do a trap on the "Carriers" deck.


Senior Member
Gotta hook the third wire.

Just before you touch down, ram on full power in case you have a "bolter". If you dribble off the end of the flight deck, you lose!