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CC3D Issues, and flashing firmwares, Use Cleanflight!


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CC3D Flight Control Board

Just put my quadcopter together with a CC3D Flight control board and it has trouble connecting to open pilot.
So I flashed a cleanflight firmware onto my CC3D board, but not i cant figure out how to fix my channel mappings on it... If i can do it in the program that would be great! I have a feeling i will have to swap the wires around until i get the correct combination though. Could someone who knows CleanFlight a little better explain to me how to go through a vehicle setup or and a transmitter settup? All of my controls are mkixed up.​


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don't know CC3D but generally you connect the RX channels to the FC RX input pins in order and then chose the correct channel order configuration for your TX in Cleanflight (eg TAER1234 for Spektrum) on the receiver page.