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CC3D Issues???? I think

Hello I am new to this whole quad thing. I have bought an arf quad(Redcon Phoenix 210) and I am having a some issues. I got it today and plug it in and it had libre pilot on it. I got it setup and every thing worked except that on motor spun backwards not that hard to fix. I then downloaded beta flight so I could configure things more easily and now only one motor spins up and the other three do nothing else. Pls Help.
When you remove the props (always when working on the bench), and connect to betaflight. Can you use the motors tab to spin the motors individually? You have to click the little warning on the right first, and then you should be able to spin up each motor individually.

If that doesn't work, then you likely have a wiring problem. Do you own a multimeter?


Master Tinkerer
Can you swap the ESC servo connectors around to test and see if it's one port that's broken?

I.e. motor 2 is always broken, or the motor plugged into port 2 is always broken, etc...