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Cell error...Hitec X4 AC Pro Charger/Admiral 1600Mah 3S

All right I have one battery that is showing this issue. It is an Admiral 1600Mah 3S...charger is a Hitec X4AC Pro. The problem always seems to happen when I put this battery down to storage charge. It charges fine.

The first time it happened it actually did appear like the balance connector had come a little loose from the charger. So I fixed that and let it continue and it appeared fine and finished storage mode. It did it again today going to storage charge and I don't think the balance connector was loose this time. I've also noticed that this has happened on the same charger port. So I switched charger ports to see how it did and let it continue. So far so good and it appears to be reading the cells just fine. Battery feels and looks fine. Flaky connector or can cells start to go bad for no reason?


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I have had the pins in the balance connector plugs come loose and actually fall out out over time. Check for loose pins and if so, you can simply solder on new connectors or repair the connector. Most of the failures have been on my extensions though so I just buy a new extension.