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Central Florida FPV Meet, October 4-6


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
ARG! I'll be driving right through there tonight, and right back by on Sunday!!! Tempted to let my wife drop me off, but visiting family further south . . . must behave . . .

Have fun T&W. Met a few of the regulars at a fly-in in middle Ga -- seems like a great bunch!

BTW, don't be surprised -- 2.4G control *might* be banned during the day. Some FPV events are doing that to keep it and 1.2G open for video -- dunno if it's true at this one. Things could become more flexable early/late in the day or when flying is light, but it puts a crimp on flyers who don't have 72M or LRS's.

Either way, while it's always more fun to fly, sitting on the sidelines at one of these event is still fantastic for chatting, learning and gawking!


Dedicated foam bender
Wow, and I was thinking of getting rid of my 72Mhz JR when I get the Taranis. If it ever happens, that is... might need to rethink that plan...


Well Grounded
Major bummer about the 2.4ghz, but we're still happy as clams to be going :) We only have passive video on our planes for now, anyway... Soon, Smithers, soon...

Too bad you won't make it Dan, we assumed a ton of FT members would be there, hopefully we'll be surprised. Honestly, we've been nothing but impressed with the positivity of the community, be it online, at the field, or through FT videos. Hopefully this event will be more Nall than NEAT, I don't take being yelled at very well. And I won't even start with how Tracy would react :black_eyed:


Dedicated foam bender
Yes most clubs are more Nall than NEAT, at least in my experience, but that still is no guarantee on where and when the Nazi's might crawl out of the woodwork...