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Central Maine Flying-Post events here.


Got Lobstah?
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Around here I think we are fortunate to have so many parks, parking lots, hay fields and friendly farmers that finding a place to fly really isn't too difficult.

But still it is nice to share the experience with others who also like to fly or show up just to see some flying in action. If there is a place in the Central Maine area where some flying will take place, post it here so the word can get out.

Currently I know of one official flying club nearby, the Brunswick Area Modelers (AMA#2235) who fly off of Rt. 201 in Topsham, and another field that is rumored to be flyer friendly where people also show up known as the Bowdoin Flying Field on Rt. 125.

If anyone plans on showing up to fly or has more places or events, please reply with your info here.


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I have a couple to add:

1) Propsnappers
2) Skystreakers
3) Kennebec Valley Model Aviators
4) Owl's Head Modeling Exhibit in the spring. Must see! Bring an indoor slow flyer or heli to fly. These forums are great, but there is no substitute for one-on-one hangar flying with like-minded modelers!
5) Indoor flying at Happy Tails in Portland (call Ray and Robin's Hobby Center for more info)
6) ...and this, according to the Ray and Robin's Hobby Center website site: "R/C Bushpilots meet the second Thursday of each month at a host club members house. Call Ray & Robin's Hobby Center and talk with Ed to get meeting location each month."

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Got Lobstah?
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Excellent! I should have know you'd have detailed info. I had no idea there were so many. I'd like to see some good shop support to match (a couple more hobby shops or perhaps Hobby King would like to open an east coast outlet:applause:).



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(I'll do my best to keep my reply on topic. ;) )

As we are well aware, Ray and Robin's is the only hobby shop near the Central Maine area and they are definitely bias towards fuel, which I don't have any particular complaints about. Ray says that he simply stocks what sells, and that means that they stock fuel-powered plane supplies. However, I would love to have a hobby shop that stocks electric supplies. If anyone knows about one, please do tell! I went to a Hobby Lobby while on my recent trip to NY and was absolutely blown away by the stock of parts and materials. Simply put, it was astonishing. I have seen the other side, and I must say that it is awesome. :p There is nothing like supporting your LHS (local hobby shop) and the hobby here in the good 'ole US of A, and I know that I would do a whole lot more of that if the parts I needed were here instead of overseas! :)