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Central NJ, Monmouth Group


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Absolutely! I'm in Manalapan and fly at the MMAC club field. If it's warm enough folks are there typically on the weekends.


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Yama, where are you located?
i live in Aberdeen, Monmouth county. Im new to the hobby. both fpv and fixed wing. been looking for people to fly with. also having a hard time finding place to fly at that are both quad and fpv friendly. I was actually considering joining MMAC i just didnt see much info on the website. im glad ai caught a member on here. wasnt sure if i needed to do the fixed wing flight instruction if i wanted to strictly fly FPV quads.
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Most of the guys at the field fly fixed wing. I know one of the guys brings his heli from time to time. Feel free to stop by. As long as the weather is warm any Saturday or Sunday by 10ish folks are there. Agreed not much of a website but a good bunch of guys and very helpful. I am the only FT guy there but the guys are very supportive. We even had a foam build-off last year. PM me if you want more info and I can connect you with the club president. Only thing needed is your AMA card to fly.
Hi! First post, to get my new FT foam builds in the air. I just got involved in this hobby a month ago, have been practicing on Phoenix, and now am obsessed with the FT foam builds! I'm in Long Branch, and only after I built the plane, did I realize that it's not easy finding a place to fly. It breaks my heart to see it sitting idle for more than a week now. Jersey Coast Sport Flyers, Colt's Neck is closest to me, and I've been trying to get in touch with them but haven't heard back yet. Seems like most clubs need a month of supervised buddy-boxed training before a full-permit, which I would be ready to do to get my plane in the air. However, I would prefer to hang out with laid-back folk who are into Flite Test foam builds, and learn as I go, if that's a possibility. Good thing I found this thread, there is some hope.


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Pghat15 - it may be a bit far for you but the MMAC field is in Manalapan. I am the only FT builder their but many of the guys are scratchbuilders. It’s a very laid back club and they will probably have you buddy box until they are comfortable with your skills. Website is not great but has some info. https://www.rcflightdeck.com/club.cfm?id=1330