Cessna 182 Balsa Build


Donating the Cessna

Due to a combination of bad weather and lack of free time I have postponed the second maiden of this plane until last week. As a reminder, on the first try the weak undercarriage (front leg) just bent when trying to take off. I have reinforced the front leg with some extra 2.5 mm wire just to keep it straight. Finally, we had take off.
First, of all disregard the COG from instruction, my plane was flying balanced with the COG at 1/3 of the leading edge, and from the top of my head that is like 5 cm.
Second, this is not a beginner plane, because of the narrow(ish) wing it needs some good speed to fly.
Third, it's touchy, it needed a lot of dr (60) and 30% expo in order to fly decent.
Fort, even the metal main carriage is weak and bent easily on a hurried landing.
In summary, if you like building chinglish kits, than it' good. As a plane however, well... there are other a lot better there.

Since I have too many planes and I will (most likely) never fly this one again I am willing to donate it.
Anyone around Birmingham, UK can come and collect. It will be frame only but already built and covered (all red)
Add your own servos, esc, motor and battery and away you go.
I need the space and I don't want to throw away so many hours of work. :eek:

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Mmmmmmm, balsa.
I thought that "too many planes" was a fantasy, like unicorns and mermaids.

On a related note, I think Hobby King has discontinued this kit, or at least saw mention of that on their site somewhere.


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Has anyone a good setup for this plane ? I'm just install a motor and esc but don't know wich. i would it fly with a battery 3S 2200mAh 20C

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
7 years later, time for an update! The Cessna has been sitting in my hangar for years, collecting dust. I think all it really needed was a windshield made/installed and new wheels installed that actually roll (the original ones are garbage - shocking...). After all that time, the covering remained perfectly taught without wrinkles, just crying to be finished and flown.

So what to do? I gave it away. :) Heck, I haven't flown since 2020 and have been sitting on so many different kits and projects, it was finally time to clear out some space. Recently I met a guy with kids and their friends who are very interested in RC, so they've been the recipient of 8-10 planes and various accessories so far. A Tower Trainer 60, a Tower Trainer 40, this Cessna, a Bixler II, a Kadet Senior, and a few others will hopefully see some flight time with these guys as they learn to fly.