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Cessna 337 paint scheme


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First let me write something about me. I'm from Italy, 50 years old guy and 30 years old rc modeler. Last year I discovered this amazing forum and since then I build the LongEz in a very long time due to not enough free time (work, kids, wife....). I finished it last week but it's impossible to flight it because of COVID 19 limitations. Now I'm finishing the wonderful Cessna 337 by TommiP. I want to paint it in black colour (usaf 00109 paint scheme). Has anybody better image of the usaf 00109 nose art? I want to print it and apply on my cessna




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I don't know. I'll try but I don't know when. Unfortunately my PC is used by my kids (for school, since here we are forced to stay at home) and my wife for smart working.


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Attached a PDF file that I did to decorate my plane. Feel free to use it for personal use only. It anybody could improve the front window decoration I really appreciate It.



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Sorry no plans. It was built from this 3 view 'tile' printed to give a scale prop diameter of 9" to match the 9x6 suitable for an Emax 2822 on a 3s. o_O

It came out to 52" (1320 mm) span. My field is grass but pretty rough so it was hand launch and belly land.