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Challange - Planes: Fire & Rescue


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Hello all,

I am a big fan of your stuff. I have my PPL and the price of flying is so high I have to find my fix another way. Needless to say flying is my mistress (my wife understands). Anyways, I saw you segment on Disney's Planes and it gave me an idea for a challenge for both fixed wing and help.

The goal to take off and fly into and put out the fire by dropping water. The planes' are a no brainers, theheli will need a bambi bucket (have an idea for that I will get drawn up and posted). To add a challange to this game you can add "canyons" where the fire is so that you have to attack the fire from a set approach. Use a wooden yardstick to glue tea light candles to so you don't end up with a real fire. Scoring can be based on the amount of candles extinguished. Don't forget to add FPV.



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Did you see the planes fire and rescue episode? As in the one where the extinguished Austin?
and Welcome to the forum!!
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Bambi bucket operation

This is how I see the Bambi bucket working. The outer ring is used to maintain the shape and attach the string to for support. Use a plastic for the bag and packing tape to seal the seam. The shape of the bag should be more of a funnel. The dump ring could be a large metal keyring. Use four more strings from the dump ring to a central point that can get attached to a servo for release.

To load the bucket you need to connect the dump ring to the servo so that it is even or just above the top of the outer ring. Add your water and fly. If you watch how heli drop water they do it while moving forward this is to disperse the water.

I have an idea on the servo setup and when I get home I will try it out and if it works I will post it. My thought is to have it inline with the main suspension lines. Maybe modify a circular control horn to act as a hook that will hold the dump ring lines.
Planes: Fire & Rescue Challenge by FliteTest

I recently found a thread in RCGroups forum for a foam Canadair CL-415 with can scoop water while taxiing and drop it from the air. There is a build thread, plans, and everything. The Youtube video is CL415.
I looked at the site and it is petty cool. If you add a cover and overflow tubes to vent to the outside when the tank is full you would see water coming out. Also adding the top would keep water out of the rest of the plane.