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Challenge@ RGLG Rail Gun Launched Glider

I love Discus Launched Gliders but I am an overweight old man that likes toys. Wouldn't be cool to just mount a rail gun in the back of your golf cart and launch a glider that way? Using a magnetic rail gun would be very expensive but a series of spinning wheels along a rail would be cool. Anyone else remember Hot Wheels power launchers? It was just 2 spinning foam wheels. When your hotwheels went between them it got a nice boost.

Mythbusters launched playing cards this way. My idea is to just put guide on the bottom center of a DLG for the wheels to grab on to. Then use a series of wheels running at increasing speeds to get the glider going at least as fast and high as a Discus launch. Increasing the speed until the glider self destructed would be cool as long as I wasn't paying for it.

I found some AUV launchers like this but they all seem to use a cable. I think the hotwheels mechanism would be cooler!