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Challenge: Take your FPV for a walk.


Senior Member
I just burned a battery on an FPV quad just walking around my back yard while watching myself through the Fatsharks. If you are an FPV flyer you probably already know the weirdness of seeing yourself through the goggles. Catching a glimpse of some person just sitting there wearing Fatsharks is odd enough. Well, it's an entirely new level of weird when you realize that the other person you are looking at as you fly around is actually controllable with your mind. :cool:

So here's the challenge: Set up some kind of simple walking path. It could be a maze, but as long as it has twists and turns it should be good. Pilots have to walk the path while wearing FPV goggles, while flying a multirotor so that they can see where they are going in third person view. Bonus points if the path goes around tall objects like trees or through tight areas which require significant piloting. If the pilot can just climb high or land somewhere and watch, the course is no good.

This could be done individually (pilot is walking) or with teams (one walker , one pilot) but I think individual seems more fun.

Time trials seems like a good idea

Possible penalty points for leaving the path (maybe marked with parallel lines?)

Who do you think would win?

Alex: Piloting skill in spades, probably most time behind the goggles?

Josh: Jolly Green Giant-like strides and fueled by Mountain Dew, he's easily the fastest walker.

Peter: Rule-bender by nature, finds an easy way?

Eric: Probably already mastered it anyway after getting bored with the yo-yo?


Mostly Harmless
That sounds really challenging! I think even more so with walking than driving because you need to balance when you walk. I tried walking around with my goggles on and holding the camera at about eye level and it was still very difficult just because of how disorienting it was and how difficult it was to walk or even balance because of that.


Senior Member
Yeah, I found myself getting confused about which way to turn my body. Sometimes I wanted the quad to move left and I was leaning left.

Going up the stairs to my deck was the hardest part.