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Champ Wing & Other WIngs

My old Hobbyzone Champ has had a hard life, it was my trainer so it got bashed up good. I've changed it around a few times. First I changed it to a 1930's racer - the ChampRacer:

Then I made it into the ChampUAV:

Now it's the ChampWing:

The hardest part of the project was getting the elevon linkages from the AR6400 brick to the elevon horns. This is the best I could do with that brick. I made 'cranks' out of carbon fiber but it still doesn't provide much elevon movement. It flies just good enough to stay airborne, that's it. The servos just aren't strong enough for all the extra levers and whatnot.

Here's my other flying wings:

No, it's just something I made out of depron foam. I wanted something small that fits in the Champ box that I could take on vacation and take aerial videos with. The Champ can hold a keychain camera no problem but the spinning prop in front ruins the video. The ChampUAV didn't handle very well - too bottom heavy (made it hard to tilt/turn) and with the keychain camera on top of the wing it handled even worse.
The Champ's AR6400 'brick' servos couldn't handle the stress of moving elevons. It died. I completely re-did the ChampWing and made it into the "UMX Wing". I used HobbyKing ParkJet parts - motor, ESC, servos and one of those little HobbyKing receivers (the tiny OrangeRX in shrinkwrap). Now it's much better. Here's a couple photos:
UMX-WingWithGraphicsFront.jpg UMX-WingWithGraphicsRear.jpg