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Changing battery plugs

Is there a way to change the plugs from the battery or ESC? Will that mess things up?

I'm thinking of changing the lead plug from the ESC on my E-flite Gee Bee R2. I do not know what kind of plug it is currently (E-flite proprietary?) to JST. I think that way would offer more battery choices.

I'm not real comfortable soldering. Is there an adapter? Is it possible to make an adapter? Lots of questions... :D


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You are talking about a UMX plane right?
HobbyKing and others do make batteries that fit on to that connector.
You can change the connector if you want, not sure it's worth the hassle.

But I don't fly micros :) There may be some other opinions out there

Ak Flyer

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Agreed. There's some tips and tricks to make it easier but nothing beats practice. Grab some wire, cut, strip, twist and practice. Bullet connectors and the pins inside connectors are more difficult but it's not that bad.

Brian fred carr

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Learn to solder is a must.....anything above a micro I immediately solder deans connectors on all my batteries and ESCs
so all my hanger can run off the same batteries and you can swap ESCs about without hassle.....keep flying


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watch some videos on how to solder, reading about it is great but seeing someone do it helps a ton. I agree with everyone, soldering is a must know for the hobby.

even flitetests quick tip video on soldering is good. but again as said, practice will pay off alot more then spending $100's on a soldering setup, I used an $8 iron for many years.