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Channels Switched on FC?


I've setup a QAV250 with Naze32 full. I'm using a Taranis with D4R-II over PPM.

TX is mode 2. My channels are configured as:

My FC is rotated 90 degrees yaw.

In cleanflight, I can see that the channels are operating as expected. When I arm the FC, throttle works properly, roll works properly, but pitch forward performs a yaw (throttling up motors 1 and 3), pitch down activates a yaw (throttling up motors 2 and 4), yaw left pitches forward, and yaw right pitches backward.

I'm lost. Is the PPM causing this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can configure the channel order both on the taranis and in cleanflight. If you want to change the default order on the taranis, go to the radio set up page (long press on "menu" from the main page) and define it there. You probably dont want to, instead do it on your flight controller, go to the receiver tab and change "channel map" to whatever is configured in your radio.
Hey ZoomNBoom, they already match. That's what's confusing me. It's TAER on both the TX and the FC. And all the right sticks send all the right output to all the right channels - I can see this being properly represented on the Receiver screen in cleanflight. It's only when the FC is armed that those signals get switched - pitch and yaw, that is.


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Check the wiring between your receiver and Naze -- ignore the "mapping" to scramble the connectors and plug them in one-by-one -- power and ground, then route the channels first-to-first, second-to-second, and so on, ignoring the maps you may have seen defining which channel is which. Then the setting you made in cleanflight configurator will do all the re-routing for you.


hmmm . . . NM. sounds like this isn't your problem.

Yaw and pitch swap in flight . . . are you seeing this "switch" on the RX screen or just in motor behavior?
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Are you sure its pitch and yaw that are reversed ?
It sounds like either you didnt connect the ESCs correctly (check them one by one in the gui, goes without saying props off!) or you incorrectly configured the orientation of the board and you are misunderstanding what its doing. Perhaps a video could shed more light on it if you cant figure it out.
Hey Dan,

I'm only seeing this when the FC is armed. The motor test (1-4) from within cleanflight check out ok. And I'm using PPM, but I can swap to PWM for a quick test.
FC orientation appears correct - USB on left. In the setup screen, when I point the FC up, the arrow points up, left, left, etc. my board is set to 90 degrees.
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Then it beats me. Perhaps as a final test, reset the board orientation to default, and see if it works properly then (if you imagine it where mounted with the arrow pointing forward). If it does, it might be a cleanflight bug. If it does not, triple check the esc connectors.


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So again, when you arm, do the signal inputs swap on the RX screen? or is it merely a change in the motors?

From your description, it sounds like it's trading between TX Mode 1/3 and 2/4, which I've seen no mechanism in the Cleanflight ROM to do that.
Hey Dan, I don't recall seeing them swap on the TX or on the Reciever screen in cleanflight, but I'll have to test that and let you know. If it doesn't indicate anything, I'll rebuild the TX model and start from scratch.