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Charger questions


I'm a care bear...Really?
Ok guys I picked this charger up to start off. I have the one that came with my rtf and that's what I've been using since I can't figure this new one out. Can you guys help. I'm running these batteries


ive tried to adjust the dial on the charger but it always gives me a fault so I go back to the rtf charger. The rtf charger uses the balancing port to charge where this new one uses both cords. Can anyone help?


Senior Member
All I can say is set the dial to .6 and hook it up. I had a problem with my chargers lead connector showing a fault occasionally, I soldered a new plug on and was good to go after that. You might have a bad charger. I picked up some of those same batteries and haven't had an issue with them (4 in total) Your charger looks pretty straight forward, if it keeps giving an error, you might have got a bad one. Sorry man.
I've had a few batteries that would give a fault when using a smart charger. So far, all were repaired by replacing the battery connector.

Anyway, double check the polarity of the connectors and charge leads. Also, are both the balancing plug and the power cable connected to the charger?