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Chargers and power source


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I have a Hobbyzone Firebird Commander 2 and enjoying this excellent introduction to rc model flying. I feel ready to try something new and am interested in the Parkzone Radian. The RFT version comes with a charger. Having read quite a bit about lipos, I am concerned about what I need to safely charge them. I guess I need a power source and something like a safety bag. Any advice out there? Thanks.


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Keep the battery on a stone or other non burning material with no flammable material close. A normal (eating) plate or flower pot is fine.
The instructions says - NEVER LEAVE THE BATTERY UNATTENDED DURING CHARGE - or something similar.
It is most unlikely that something will happen if everything is OK.
It is also dangerous to charge Nixx and other rechargeable batteries!
The problem was many times worse with the first generation of Li batteries.

And don't keep the batteries close to sharp objects. A puncture or short of any battery can be dangerous.

That said - DON'T WORRY!.

Ak Flyer

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The RTF radian will come with everything you need to fly so your power source is included. It looks like it's only a DC car charger though. If you are looking for an indoor charger than that's a different story. I can make some suggestions but that sort of depends on what you are looking to do. If you think you are going to be getting different models and different batteries in the future then it would be well worth your money to invest in a good charger now, which is much less than you might think. I might suggest getting the PNP version and a different radio setup and your own battery and charger as well to save some money down the road. The RTF comes with the DX5e radio and it's okay at best. I have had two of them and they worked fine, but if you are planning on getting more models down the road then you can upgrade your radio now for not much more money and be miles ahead. You can also get batteries from hobbyking for less than half of what you would pay elsewhere.


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My supercub came with one of these. Works great, I still use it and the charger that came with the plane all the time.
But like AK says, if you intend to progress in the hobby best just to go ahead and get a good chager.
Something like the Accucel 6 or any four button 2s-6s charger and a 12v power supply or homemade power supply.
There a some good articles out there on how to convert a computer powers suply for hobby use.

Lipo safety
Familiarize yourself with the risks and manage the risks.
If you can charge outside or in a garage all the better.

I prefer a cinderblock and a paver over a safe bag.

You can put a bag of sand over the top and have a really safe setup.



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Thanks guys. Some great advice and information. I was thinking about the spectrum DX6i radio as it can do some programming. I will be a glider man I think because I have access to fields and a slope. Not so interested in fast and furious stuff. I like being able to hand launch and land on grass. Once I can manage 3 controls, I would reckon to move on to a glider with ailerons and flaps as well. Thanks again. I appreciate your recommendations.