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Cheap FPV


Junior Member
Hey guys,
I've been into the hobby for a while now and, recently, I've been wanting to fly FPV really badly but I'm not able to afford the cost. This is when I thought I could try to hook up a standard FPV camera to my phone and place the phone in a cheap, cardboard VR headset. The problem is, I have absolutely no knowledge as to how I can transmit the image from the camera directly to my phone. If anyone knows how to do so, please let me know below as you could save me and many other people a good handful of money.


Wake up! Time to fly!
To be honest Id say leave the experimenting to professional engineers. The video system is something you DEFINATLY do not want to skimp on for many reasons. reliability first and foremost. if you don't have a stable system its a huge safety hazard. Image quality is next in the list as you want to be able to see as much as possible when flying. Lastly lag. Wifi is NOT the way to go for fpv video when flying. anything more then a few milliseconds lag and you WILL hit things before you see them. There are small camera tx combos now that are respectable and safe for very low cost. Look on the FT store they have one that could probably kit you out nicely and probably cheaper then screwin with a phone and crappy wifi.

Trust me I KNOW what it is to not have spare cash. I just bought all my stuff piece by piece and upgraded over the last year to get where I am. By not have spare cash I mean I skimped groceries on occasion to jump on a sale for something I needed. There are kids with paper routes in some places that make more money then I live off of.