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Cheap Gimbal help


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Hey guys,

I have one of the cheap 2 axis go pro gimbals from eBay laying around. My thought was put it to use. Using a simple mount to hold it and the battery. Without the receiver when i put it on one of my quadcopters I cannot control the pitch.

Anyone have any idea how i can wire some type of knob to the pitch control on the gimbal? I assume i need to feed the pitch control with a pwm signal from a knob? is that a thing? sorry noob.


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Generally the cheap gimbals have sets of 3 pin headers to connect to your receiver for position control, connect them to spare channels on your receiver and configure some rotary controls on your transmitter to those channels and all should work.


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I know how to connect it to a receiver so I can control via my radio switches/knobs. What I am trying to do is NOT have the receiver. Can i install a simple knob to the header pins that will control the gimbal. Essentially I am looking to hard wire something instead of to a receiver to a radio to control it.
Yeah, what you need is one of those servo tester / center tools. Wire up the same way you would it hooked up to receiver ( at gimbal control board) , then those wires go to output side of servo tester / center tool. Power from same battery you are powering gimbal with.

Possibly a ps2 analog stick would work, maybe an original PSP analog stick as well.

I actually have a project I just completed a month or two ago kind of like this.
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Depending on the gimbal control board, you may be able to add an analog joystick to control the movement. If it is a Storm32 board check out this page on how to setup a joystick. If not then you may be able to still do it, but I have no guide.