Solved Cheap Motor suggestions for scratch build Sea Duck


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Hello all, working on my 3rd flite test build, the Sea Duck! I think it was the first video that I saw when I found the flite test YouTube channel and got me interested. I've gained a few flying skills after flying the tiny trainer and simple cub. Folded the wings on the TT doing loops lol but all fixed. I'm slowly working on the Sea Duck and need to find some cheap motors for it. I have a pair of 40a esc's already. Thanks!


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Look into racerstar. They make good motors for cheap.
I have this one on my explorer and it has unlimited vertical.
Racerstar BR2830 1300KV 2-4S Brushless Motor For RC Airplane

On 3s with a 9050 prop it's pushes 1130 grams of thrust and only draws about 22amps. Very efficient for the power you get. And with two on your seaduck, that's 2200grams of thrust! Don't think you'd have thrust issues... Lol
I hope to get a FT Legacy for Christmas (I've dropped about 20 hints to the wife, even linked the pre-sale page to her in a text lol) and my plan was to put two of these in it. I'm my opinion it's a very comprable motor to the FT C pack motors by emax at 1/3 the price.
Enjoy the build post pics of your completed duck on the forum please!! I want a seaduck pretty bad but don't have any water to fly it on near by...

Edit: I just saw that you were already looking at this motor. Lol It's a good choice. I'd personally recommend this motor on 3s with 9050 props.
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Seaduck flies just fine on the 30A ESC's and the cheapie 2212 1000kV motors with 10 inch props.

I use the 2212 x 1000kV's in pretty much all of my FT builds. Have a 2830 in the FT3D but that's a different animal altogether.

just make sure you're electronics are waterproofed....ask me how I know :)


Turnigy D2836 950kv motors with 10x5 props do not disappoint. I believe they are about 13$ a piece over at hk. Watch out for eBay scammers who rip you off with price gouging. Very good motor and will work with 30 amp esc just fine.


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I picked these up not long back... still need to test them but they look good for the price... they’ll be going on my founders plane when I build it assuming the numbers come out anything close to the advertised power

Banggood ... I’ll post link when I can get to a computer
KEYIUAV D2216-1250KV Brushless Motor for RC Airplane Aircraft Fixed Wing CCW-Black/CW-Silver