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Cheap RCX-FPV260 Quad Build - my 1st multirotor

I'm sure some folks don't like cheap quad kits, but I had to go for it. All the more expensive bare bones kits I looked at didn't include an FC board, so I went this route to see if I even like multi rotors. I also like the small airframe to start out, since I don't have a ton of space in my studio. Shipping from my RC Mart was very fast, as I am on the west coast. My long term plan is to build a tricopter to do AP work with, using the FT ElectroHub Tricopter kit as a starting point. I have some ideas about using balloon lift to create a hybrid multirotor/blimp AP platform.
Anyways, the kit did not come with servo male to male leads, but after I got some it actually all worked. Getting the kk2 board to arm was a learning process and the instruction sheets are lacking any real info. I used FT and youtube to figure out what I didn't know.
Here is the start:


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It flies great.

I've built three so far (hopping to sell two . . . well one . . . their 2206 motors are NICE :cool: )
Yes, as CraftyDan said, it flies great!
Other than kinda cheap props, the frame, distribution board, motors and ESCs are very good :)
I'll post some video when I get a chance to film it in the next couple days.
So I have to say the landing gear or feet are flimsy and not good for the abuse a beginner as myself will give it, and I have broken them. After a few repairs and then a several sessions of looking for parts in the grass, I have created new feet out of dollar tree glow sticks and rubber insulation parts from a thrift store. IMG_0120.JPG IMG_0119.JPG IMG_0117.JPG IMG_0112.JPG IMG_0108.JPG


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Glow sticks are a neat option . . . shame the glow doesn't last long :(

If you ever want landing skids a bit sturdier, I use 1/2" slices of 2" PVC with 4 small zipties per each arm (two in front of the motor, two behind). Very pleased how they've turned out:

Well, I've been learning to fly quads and I adventured to a park area near my home. It was calm down low under 50' and I got a little over confident in my skills. I flew(KK2.1.5 in stabilization mode) slowly up to about 20-25' and the quad suddenly shot up 40-70' and drifting away from the field toward houses and cars, with no input from my TX. It did a full flip or two crashed and broke the frame in half.
#1 I was flying with this frame without the top plate that makes it stronger and my old school Spektrum AR6100e and DM9 module in my Turnigy 9XR(range tested with solid link up to 475m) seemed to loose connection due to nearby interference from 2.4GHz wifi boosters or radio tower interference. It did flip over and after "landing" the motors were still spinning until I got close enough for the TX to read throttle 0.
Lesson learned, and goodbye to old DSM2 on my quads!
Here are pictures :/
IMG_0188.JPG IMG_0190.JPG IMG_0196.JPG IMG_0197.JPG
now to the next level ;)
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That's an impressive break! I guess the glass fiber didn't get laid in the molds around the center frame :p

Always a good thing to check your fail-safe on the ground first -- remove the props, throttle it up to half then turn off the radio. if it does ANYTHING other than go dead within a second or two, that needs to be dealt with.

Any plans yet for "what's next"?


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Sorry about your quad. Are spare parts available?
Whenever I see something tempting (ie cheap) I always check for spare parts.
Example -
Smallish DLG from HK vs. Libelle
The HK model might fly the pants off the Libelle, but at my skill level, it will never reach it's potential due to the lack of spares.
I'll be flying the Libelle for a long time.
My Fortis Ticopter has seen some battle damage and I have new spares to replace the jury rigged, but flyable repairs.
I'm just waiting to replace the broken bits until I have some confidence that I won't break anything again on my first attempt.... c8
Perhaps you could transfer everything into a new frame - a different frame even if no spares are available.

Best regards,
I am thinking bigger 350-500 size with perhaps GPS and telemetry for AP rig as my long term goal. I was considering a FT ElectroHub kit, but they have been 'out of stock' for ever :(
I am going to keep on with the 250 class stuff as I have big interest and desire to get into FPV on these tiny racer frame :)
Thanks PHugger! Parts for this guy are super common and available from HobbyKing and myrcmart. I like myrcmart and have been considering one of their 450 or 500 quads, just for the electronics and putting them on a FT ElectroHub, if they ever come back in stock
(hint hint guys) but I am sure they know. It is good the FT store is doing so much biz!
anyways here is my frame;
I've already have ordered it and I will be transplanting the guts when it arrives.