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Cheapest night flying


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Cool :D

That is truly the cheapest night flying kit I´ve ever seen. Even though it might be worth investing into a lighter one for bigger planes :) It is good enough to start with and have go at it :)

Can´t wait for your video of it flying.

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
I took it out last night....but i needed anchors, the wind was so strong that it threw me little plane all over the place i will try
on a calmer evening when my camerateenager can keep a track.......keep flying
Cheap is nice !!! i just did the same; my nephew is 2 years old and he forgot his toy cellphone in my place; that thing (used to) had lots of leds !!

Can you see the Bixler ??

2012-02-10 19.55.36.jpg

and now ??

2012-02-10 19.56.20.jpg 2012-02-10 19.56.41.jpg

the 2 pieces carry their own tiny battery and have a on/off switch, what else do we need !! SWEEEET !!!

attached with velcro so i can take it off during day flying ...
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