Cinematography-FeedBack wanted!


This is Jeremy on the video production team...
You've got some great shots. This is a great start.

When I'm looking for aerial cinematographers for my passion projects there are a few things I look for.
The first thing is story. Can the cinematographer tell a visual story that captures me emotionally both with the whole of the demo reel and with each individual shot? Some of this is shaped through the edit.
For the kind of scenic video like yours I would treat your location as if it is a character. Start us off with wonder and mystery. Your second to last shot I would make your first shot - it really captures my attention and wants me wanting to see more. Additionally I would consider losing the dissolves and chose to cut straight from one camera angle to another. Then work to align each shot so it seems to be leading from the previous shot into the next shot as if each shot is a word in a video sentence. As you film more videos like this, keep this kind of progression in mind so you have a plan for your edit as you are capturing your content.

In terms of footage itself the location was great and the aerial work itself was pretty solid but I sometimes found my eye wandering, not knowing what the intended focal point was for several shots. As you shoot think about where you would like your audience to look. You can do a "handoff" where your cinematography directs the audience to look from one thing to another, but it needs to make sense visually and be deliberate.

Overall great job. Keep up the good work and getting some gigs!

Those are my initial thoughts. Let me know if you have any questions for me and I'd be more than happy to help.


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There is also a video Flite Test put out a few years back. You kight like the tips.