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Civil Air Contest


Elite member
Anybody thought of doing a civil contest where you could design anything used commercially or privately, such as a Q400, Aero Shrike Commander, 747, DC-10, Cessna Caravan, Dehavilland Twin Otter, Carbon Cub SS, or a Bellanca Decathalon. I would really like to do this, anybody else?
on the gulfstream, does it have to remain how it is, or can I put a little Flite Test Flair to it and modify it a bit? not sure how the design would function, but I like how Flite Test did a multi wing design of a normal wing plane.


Elite member
Lol you think I am rich? I have 3 other projects on my hands, maybe I can do it next spring, MAYBE. I was just suggesting it. Who knows though, maybe a C twin is on my Christmas wishlist now.