CleanFlight Naze32 pitching forward inexplicably.


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Here's a question for you all, after moving some electrics around to move my FPV aerial to a better position in my 250 size quad it now pitches forward and to the right alarmingly. This can be corrected to an extent, by moving the battery as far back as possible and using full back and 2/3 right transmitter trim.

I have attempted to rule out some causes: its not a C.G issue as with the battery dead centre its tail heavy, although i have experimented with battery placement anyway to no avail.

I also doubt it is a a gyro problem, because even with the accelerometer calibrated in a nose up position nothing changes, also i run without Angle or horizon modes bound to anything anyway.

I've also swapped motors over diagonally, the front right motor does get warmer regardless of which motor is there, as it seems to be working harder.

I checked the receiver tab and that also seems to be in order, all controls are hovering around 1500 give or take a point.

I am running a Quad X set up with a NAZE 32 Board running Cleanflight which i reinstalled with the latest version of 1.9 and even went back a version to 1.8.1.

At this point i am totally out of ideas, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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yeah if you have re calibrated your FC after moving parts around.. seems like a ESC is where i would be checking ( have you calibrated you ESC after moving them around?)
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