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Clear plastic, glass or acrylic domes for cameras?


Does anyone use domes or other shapes to house their cameras? If so, what material do you use? Are their any reflection or glare issues when filming?

I'm thinking ahead to my FPV Wing V2 scratch build. I'd like to incorporate a dome or the like at the front of the plane so a pan and tilt can be used while housed internally.
General tip with domes and optics: try and keep the lens as close to the surface of the dome as you can and black out anything inside the dome. The further back from the dome your lens is the greater the chance of distortion and more of the inner surface of the dome will be exposed to catch reflections. Blacking out anything inside the dome with a flat black will minimize what internal aberrant reflections do exist.


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I've used the domes before.

I know all of you will find this impossible to believe, but I know from experience, they don't handle crashes well.

So buy a few.