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ClearView simulation


More combat please...
Program is 40 bucks- I've had some weirdness here and there, to be fair, it may be the controller cord that I'm using but I really like this program. There is a fairly realistic flying wing model and a few different models of the Supercub. I have found it quite helpful especially with learning how to become re-oriented after I get goofed up.

Non Action Man

Nose Landing Specialist
I quite like CV, but I haven't used many before it. I think for the price it is an excellent program. I tried FMS, but I couldn't get the graphics to work, and everything was 8bit.


More combat please...
I did get FMS to work finally with a lot of internet searching. It seems like if I remember right that the secret to finally getting it to work was using the Photolistic scenery. You can probably get it to work OK if you are willing to pound away at it but even though I have it working pretty well I prefer the Clearview over the FMS. Well worth the 40 bucks. Some pretty cool models. I find myself flying the Zagi Flames model and the 4ch Supercub the most. When I feel like a challenge I practice landing the C130 model and when I really want a challenge and have fun the Diego Red P51.


Monkey/Bear Poker
I have the ClearView Flight Sim, and I will say for $40 US it is a real good program. While I would like to buy Realflight, I cannot see spending $200 on it.
ClearView has a number of planes, heli's and cars, also a lot of different flight areas, outdoors and indoors as well.
I have the FMS and I think it is too unrealistic.
I do fly the CV software a lot, trying to learn some 3D stuff and have found that the indoor shockflyer is great and the Edge 540 33% are a lot of fun. They do update a lot and seem to be adding new models once and a while.
It helps me when I am Jonesing to fly and can't.
Hope everyone has something to help when they can't get to the field!!!

Happy Flying!!!