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Cloning David's setup in the speed challenge with Josh

Greetings, everyone! I'm looking to clone the power pod setup the David used in his modified spitfire that he also swapped onto Josh'e Vera Wing! Anyone have any idea which components David used? Thanks in advance! ...
VersaWing Power.jpg
@ Mguillemette
sounds like fun post your test flights

@ IdoAllMyOwnStunts nice fast runs!

I built a versa wing to test some long range gear before it went in the expensive epp foam plane, now the versa wing is just sitting empty....so I have been thinking one tractor motor up front and one pusher behind, no pod for aerodynamic reasons, i will mount the front motor on a motor mount like a pusher, I think a faster prop in the rear as it wont be working as hard as the front prop...thrust angles up front? seems like the motor thrust will cancel each other out?
I have a couple 2212 2200kv motors and 40A ESC's in the drawer....sounds like a fun project
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Surprisingly there are a lot of liberties you can take when trying to get his exact power pod setup and still end up with something that puts out exactly the same performance. David says what model of motor he uses in the video, and what his propeller is, so you can use those. From here you can choose everything else based on the requirements put forth by the motor. Think of it this way - amps and volts are still amps and volts no matter the brand of speed controller you use. The motor can't tell. Provided your battery and speed controller can feed the motor the same amount of watts they did in the video, it will make the same thrust, and the plane will go just as fast.


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He used a Propdrive 3536 1800KV with a 8x8 APC. You'll need at least 80 Amp ESC and a high c rated battery. I'm not sure if he's using 3s or 4s, if 4s it's over propped, as a 7x8 will be the limits with that set-up.
The Racer in my signature used this set-up.