Club is trying to launch a drone program!


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I learned long ago there are very few people on the planet that can effect any aspect of my life. Specially on the internet. So I dont worry what they do until it directly effects me. THEN it can become an issue and provoke various degrees of response depending on the situation.

I offer advise using my life experiences to help people. If they choose to use it or not again doesnt really effect me. For the most part I enjoy watching people participate in Darwinian antics. Studying the varying degrees and learning the sub types makes it more fun predicting out comes.

Very rare do things escalate to the level where any serious reaction is needed here. There have been occasions and I have been involved in one or two over the years here. But Its all done in fun until someone makes it a personal attack and reaction to them depends on how persistent and unevolved the attacker seems to be.

Same in real life with people inserting themselves into what I do with the quads I fly. I had a young father and his son walk across the field I had flags set up on to practice with my faster quads. I saw them between packs and paitently waited as they strolled across the field and started leaving the general area. I put my quad in the air and did some straight line runs waiting for them to move further away or see where I was and approach me with questions or just to watch. Instead the father stops maybe 10 feet out side the site line between flags. I landed the quad and asked them if they wanted to use the field. He yelled something back I barely heard so I picked up my quad and approached them and asked again.

For some reason he went off on the tangent it was a public park and he could do what he wanted. I agreed and again asked if they wanted to use the field. I told them I would stop flying if that was the case. He said no he only wanted to see what I was doing so I asked him why he would stand in the middle of the course to do so and not move off to the side or come inquire what was happening. He got all puffy and replied "he was a grown @#$ man" and he could do what he wanted.

Realizing he was one of "those" people I politely asked him if he would walk out on the field during a football or soccer match because he wanted to see what was happening better and he replied no. (good smart answer!!!) Then I asked him why he would do so on a field OBVIOUSLY in use for something AND once he knew what it was being used for stand where it was not safe for himself AND his child. Again the response was "Im a grown @#$ man" I made the decision to walk away and pack up rather then go in deeper and embarrass the dude in front of his son who was standing there eyes wide open thinking his father was going to do ... something...

So in this particular case having an organized club still would not have gave this guy pause to avoid the field and jeopardize his and his child's safety or bring a desire to join and participate.


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This is the kind of stuff that makes me glad I have a close and "private" area to fly. VERY fortunate to have an afordable and open minded AMA club a mile from my house. I dabble a bit in the back yard, and with the neighbors approval, around the street side of the house too. The neighbors really like the flying spider @ Halloween. :)