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CNC Motor Mounts for Quad, tricopter or other. Free shipping (lower 48 USA only)


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I designed and built these motor mounts. Shown in the photos, but not included, is the HobbyKing AX-2810Q motor. This has a standard bolt pattern for 19mm x 16mm. I can create any bolt pattern you want. They have 4 countersunk holes for the 3mm screws (included).

They are designed to be compatible with all the rotor bones scratch build frames. They use the same 1/2" square dowel and zip ties used in the flite test build videos.

These are made with G10 fiberglass. You are not going to break them in a crash but if you do I will send you a replacement for free.

- 4 motor mounts
- 16 screws
- free shipping (lower 48 USA only)

- 2 motor mounts
- 8 M3 flat head screws
- free shipping (lower 48 USA only)

You will need your own motor and zip ties.

Please contact me if you are interested. I accept payment via PayPal or offer local pickup (Chicago, USA).

NOTE: I am working on a tricopter tail which I am testing now. When that is done I will offer a two motor mount + tail rotor mount package for those that are interested.

quad-motor-mount-1.jpg quad-motor-mount-2.jpg quad-motor-mount-3.jpg quad-motor-mount-4.jpg quad-motor-mount-5.jpg quad-motor-mount-6.jpg



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I updated the design a little bit. Now I call them the "Breakaway Motor Mounts".

They are now made out of laser cut Delrin. They are more flexible but also more durable. They still have countersunk holes for the screws. The screws are now stainless steel too, and includes a few extras. The mount works with both the DJI Flamewheel F450 and also a scratch build with 10mm booms.

They ship for free in a #10 envelope via First Class Mail so they should be there soon to any address in the lower 48. They will be in shrink wrap (not shown).

FYI - I bought a URL yesterday too but I haven't set up the site yet. This is still just a hobby project and not my real job ;)

thanks for looking.

CarbonQuads-Delrin-Quad-Set-7.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Quad-Set-8.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Quad-Set-4.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Quad-Set-5.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Quad-Set-6.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Quad-Set-2.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Quad-Set-3.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Quad-Set-1.jpg
Just want to add to this thread as there are no replies;
I got in contact with dditzler last week regarding these items - with the original post 23rd Aug 2013 I didn't hold out much hope that he would still be producing these parts. Motor mounts for square booms seem to be hard to come by in the UK and I really wanted a zip-tie solution rather than a bolt through the arms as I am planning to route my wiring through the booms.

dditzler pulled through and posted Tuesday 18th March - arrived yesterday Monday 24th March from the USA to UK, Speedy service!

They arrived in laser cut cardboard perfect fit for the letter - and shrink wrapped to stop parts coming loose, I ordered 3x G10 Legs, 3x Motor Mounts and 1x rcexplorer style adapter plate for the yaw mechanism, dditzler also includes correct motor mounting screws (including 2 spares). Included was also one of his new 'Breakaway Motor Mounts' (to show the difference). Click pictures for bigger versions.

The parts are all spot-on, cleanly cut with nice edges - no need for any extra sanding / preparing, with that in mind there is not much to say other than a big thanks and a few more photos of them 'in action' while i build my tricopter (and wait patiently for my last order of parts to arrive);

Yaw plate adapter;

Motor Mount:

I'm using carbon fibre 10mm hollow square tubes for this build, they are too slippy for zip-ties so I've used some large heat-shrink over the boom tips for some grip.
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