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Colorado flite testers!


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Hey everyone! My family (and I, they're not leaving me behind yet!) and considering a move to Colorado, Denver area. So I have a few questions!

Flying fields? clubs? Anything near this area? We're specifically looking into the Golden, Littleton area west of Denver.

Anyone from this area have good recommendations on good places to buy a home? Again, we know about where we want to go, but looking for a little local knowledge here.

How much harder is it really to fly in the thinner air?

Any other advice or ideas or local knowledge is appreciated! thanks anyone, and to whomever is in the area, hopefully this goes through and I'll get to meet you soon!
Hey! Welcome to Colorado! I cant speak for the Denver area but there are several clubs in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is a booming city with housing prices raising every year.

As far as the thin air goes..... It does make a difference. I would not expect great performance from heavy aircraft or anything with an EDF. I built the X29 and literally had to throw it off of a 20ft hill to get it to fly. It cant be hand launched like you see in the videos.

If you are ever in the springs area, check us out.

Ok so i live down by monument which is fifty miles south of Denver. As far as housing locations i would reccomend monument colorado springs are way more than denver but it depends if you want the bigger city feel or if you like a more country/city feel. As far as flying clubs the nice thing about colorado springs over denver is you can usually just find a park and fly their. For example i consistently fly in the Air Force Academy (safely) as they have 4 soccer fields, a great view, and an indoor football field that is GREAT for little planes. The thin air can be annoying for EDF's and and big hand launches but for most of the flitetest stuff you should be fine as they tend to have a lot of lift. Congratulations! Colorado is a GREAT place to live!


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Well, as it turns out, Colorado Springs is apparently where I'll end up. Still have lots of details to get sorted, but looks more like Colorado Springs is where my company has an opening. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


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Alright! I've received and accepted a job offer in Colorado Springs! We'll be moving out around mid July. Also have already located a house in south Colorado Springs area on Cheyenne Mountain. Looking forward to getting out there and meeting with the local FTer's and clubs!