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Colorado Pilots

Hey everyone, I thought I'd check and see if there was anyone flying in Colorado who was hanging out on the FT site? I just recently started flying RC, and am really digging the FT quick build kits. I fly up in the mountains at about 8,000ft.

Anybody else from Colorado? Where do you like to fly? Any other mountain flyers here? Do you fly during winter?

I am in Gunnison, which is up in the mountains, sort of south central. It's one of the coldest places in the nation. The cold air from the high peaks all around us settles into the bottom of the valley, where out town is, and we end up going for weeks at a time where it's well below zero. I've been easing into the cold weather flying this winter. I need to purchase a Tx mitt to keep from frosting my thumbs up :p
I'm new to flying as well. I sponsor a high school flying club in Longmont, northeast of Boulder. We've had a pretty mild Fall with some nice light wind afternoons for flying. The club wants to fly in the snow this Thusday, but we'll see if that happens. Last week we flew on the first of December and we had very nice weather, although a little on the chilly side.

My guess is that we'll be in building, and sim mode pretty soon with the occasional 70 degree winter day for flying.
I'm in the Grand Junction area. it's only 5000 ft here. I lead a 4-H group of flyers year around and we build and fly whenever we can. LED lit planes are great this time of year since it gets dark so quick.
quimney- I really like the idea of the LED's for evening flying right now! By the time I get done with work, it's usually sunset. I can still fly, but I've had a few close calls due to the difficulty in seeing my planes.
I bought a place down in southern Colorado last year, near Fort Garland in the Sangre de Cristos. Our place is at 9,200' and lots of trees but there is a lot of meadows and opes spaces not far from us.

I'll be starting a swappable Cub next week and am looking at expanding soon with a couple FPV set ups......but we'll see.
we should all do a meet up and all fly. I have an built FT 3D and a few more I would love to try to show off with till it crashes. I am closer to Denver and know of a flying field in Cherry Creek area but i would be willing to travel lets say 1hour 30min for a meet up. I get board being the only plane in the air from flight test lol.
Durango area

Hi all! I am in the Durango area and looking for others building/flying here. Also, looking for good places to fly. I'd love to find some folks who want to fly FPV, maybe set up an informal course and just have fun. Unfortunately, the airports are located around town in such a fashion that eliminates the easy flying in most of town and a large area around it.
I've currently built and flown FT Tiny Trainer, FT Sparrow, and several FT Arrows. Also have several other models and parts of models that are waiting their turn in the air.