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Colorex's RC Gear


Rotor Riot!
Hi everyone,

For everyone wondering what I have and what I don't have, here it is:

:: Transmitter ::

72MHz JR XP652 Tx

UPDATE: Amazing! My Tx has nearly 1 Watt output power!

:: Reciever ::

72 MHz JR RS600 Rx

:: Crystals ::

Ch 26 (72.310 MHz) Tx
Ch 51 (72.810 MHz) Rx
Ch 51 (72.810 MHz) Rx

I have a matched pair coming in December on Ch 59

:: Other stuff ::

Original JR Tx Charger

JR 2x2x2 9.6v 600mAh NiCad for Tx


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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
So you have something other then the 100$ you got from FT! :D

At least its something! Good luck with your order as you still haven´t got it.