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Community Created Checklist - What to bring to an RC Event?


Stuck in Sunny FL
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First off... sorry to my northern friends who are now exiting their fun fly season, but mine's just ramping up, so... :p

I've been to HHAEFI recently, and it was a bit of a rush job getting packed and driving up. So, I left a few things at home. I have another event coming up next weekend, and of course Flite Fest South right behind that.

With this in mind, it got me thinking, what are some essential items to bring with you on a trip to a flying event?

Much like previous "lists" of mine, I'll credit the people who provide ideas that I use in these first posts.

I'm sure it matters if it's a day trip or an overnight one, so I'll make two lists.

Also, there's often a lot of good reasoning on why each item was suggested. In light of this, I will hyperlink the checklist item to the post where it was suggested.
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Stuck in Sunny FL
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  • Day Trip:
  • (Local event, you're driving to it for the day and returning home that night)


Aircraft related

  • Basic crash kit
  • Table
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Stuck in Sunny FL
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Overnight Trip:
(One or more nights will be spent at the event)

I think it would be safe to assume most of what you would bring for a day event, you would bring for a longer event. That said, unless there's a cry to do otherwise, we'll leave the day event stuff out of this section, and just assume it's part of the list.






Aircraft Related

Tools 2 (There's more tools you may want to bring on a longer trip than you would for a day event.)

Camping Gear Etc.

Food etc

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Got Lobstah?
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A Social Trip

Fresh lobster and strawberry-rhubarb pie. If there are vendors in the area you can find some vanilla icecream to accompany the pie but you know that from FFE'17... :eek: ... Oh right, you stayed south.

One thing I thought was a good idea was a solar panel to quietly power all the RC stuff and some night lighting. It looked like a good idea but I got the $90 Gator generator from Harbor Freight. It wasn't loud but not something I'd run during sleeping hours.

Speaking of sleeping hours, there's likely to be some activity going on very early and possibly all night. If you're a light sleeper you might consider some sound attenuators and/or something to mask the noise.

Make a list now of all the things, even the obvious, that you want to bring. If you rely on memory you're bound to forget something. Somehow I forgot my sleeping bag. Doh!

Google the area and see what there is for shopping for when you realize what you forgot.

Leave extra space in the car because you'll probably be bringing something home.

By all means, bring a desire to meet people and be the one who breaks the ice as often as you can.


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Day trips:

Transmitter. Nothing sucks quite like arriving at the field to realize the transmitter case is sitting next to the door at home. Ask me how I know. :black_eyed:

Sun screen / bug spray



For longer trips:

Fewer planes than you think at first. They take up a lot of room, and make you feel weird when you realize you only flew 4 of the 8 you brought to FFE16. Or maybe that was just me. :p

All the friends you love, and planes you don't :) Seriously, don't take your most prized plane to FF if you aren't going to survive the emotional trama of seeing it smashed into the ground due to unexpected mid-air interference or radio lockout.

Twice the number of socks as days you are staying, and at least one change of shoes.

Raincoat & rubber boots if there is even the slightest chance of rain.

Bungee cords. Useful for all kinds of stuff, like hanging wings from the ceiling of your car.

And as Jim mentioned, some regional food or beverage to share is a great way to get to know people. :)


Stuck in Sunny FL
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Thanks rockboy and Jim!

Ok, to the rest of you lurkers.

I know you go to events, what items have you forgotten and wished you didn't?

What did you bring and were happy you did?

What did you bring and realize you didn't and likely never would need?


Wake up! Time to fly!
Friends or family to share the event with as well as make long rides less tedious.

If you are tent camping bring a battery operated fan preferably solar so it can run all day to vent your tent as if it is anything like swampfest was NOTHING will be dry and everything you touch will be damp.

At least the first days supply of ice. You WILL be excited and busy and forget to set up the cooler you planned for the trip and could lose good food. Spare SD cards specially if you are not busy as a volunteer. You will be like a tourist with all the things to look at. Your autograph book or something similar to get signatures of people you meet and take pictures with to make the memory more special.

Something to give away. Maybe some kind of toy or maybe a speedbuild kit. Someone always has a bad day and sometimes in unable to replace a smooshed plane or some of the kids are not as interested in the hobby as we are.

Crepe paper streamers.. There is NEVER enough it seems.

Finally maybe a string of leds for camp lighting. Anything that is good with battery power and preferable runs off a lipo. You will be surprised just how dark it can be when you are trying to get ready for bed or trying to find something or even to take the walk to the head late at night or showers early mornings. Oh yeah and shower shoes JUST for the shower. A lot of people had to use the ones they wore in the mud and it played heck with the shower drains not to mention made the showers a mess. Sadly I was was one of them but at least I tried to clean as much mud off with the hose at Mr. Fureys house.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
You all seem to have great weather and luck when you go visiting because the one thing I always make sure I carry is a number of large plastic bags. (largest garbage bags, Extra tough). Keep one in your pocket and the remainder with your radio gear.

The bags can be used to protect lots of things of importance from water damage in the case of heavy rain and avert prying eyes. Secondarily the bags make the walk of shame far less humiliating in that all of the pieces go in the bag and there is never the juggling effort I see many others attempt.

Used as a laundry bag or even for storage of wet and muddy items for the trip home or to the laundromat.

Can quickly protect planes and radios during a cloud burst and can even give you somewhere dry to set up your planes on a wet and soggy field. Last thing I will mention is the rapid conversion to a rain poncho so you can pack your vehicle if rained out without catching pneumonia.

Edit: When you have hot summer weather the bags can be used to cover the exposed models to stop them getting too hot and either "Bubbling" the foamie or causing the hotmelt on FB creations from getting too soft and all the issues that go with that. I normally look for a couple of sticks to keep them from contacting the planes and allow a little air to circulate to keep things cool.

Have fun!
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Great list so far, I think pretty much everything is covered, except a VERY well packed toolbox. Pack everything you can if possible, because even if you don't need it, your buddy probably will. Essentials include CA, battery powered glue gun, epoxy, bbq skewers, a couple of extra servos, allen wrench set (metric and standard) and some wire extensions.

I have also found that particularly for smaller events, like local warbirds fun flys, a pop-up canopy and folding chair are TOTALLY worth the investment, especially here in the scorching TX heat. It protects both you from being deep fried, and your foamies from becoming a bubbled mess :D.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Well I have scoured the list and compared it with my own and there are some things missing from your list and I will not leave home without them.

TAPE/S A roll of packing tape, Duct tape, fibre reinforced tape and/or self adhesive velcro.

I use the tapes to add strength to the repair after a crash, Reattach or hold de-laminating paper, Hold canopies or hatches in place, Add external weights where balance is a problem, Reattach that torn control surface, Stopping that battery from falling out, (again!), and even keeping my trouser cuffs out of the mud.

The other is my bag of rubber bands!

Have fun!
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This is more directed at FLITEFEST events rather than general rc fun flies, but here's some stuff I'll have with me for South.

- 12v-to-120v power inverter for my car. Being able to charge my phone/other small electronics at night without running a generator or hooking into site power is a must.
- Cordless drill. It's not something you'd think of unless you were planning a large build at the event, but it's a good tool to have for any size build or repairs.
- PLENTY of water and snacks. You can always buy food from the on-site vendors, but that's pricey, and if you've got the late-nite munchies they are often closed.
- A large and varied selection of electronics and hardware for builds. You might see something neat while at Flitefest and want to build it, only to have left the perfect motor for it at home.
-Whatever material you like to use for spars in your builds. If you build at Flitefest, you're going to want a spar. Foamspars work in a pinch but I'd rather build a plane that will last a little while before folding the wings.
-Screws, nuts, and bolts. Get some variety packs. You can build the best plane ever conceived in the build tent, and then not be able to fly it because you cant fix your motor the the firewall...
-Props. Not just props that you'll be using, but ALL props, if you don't need it then someone else might. Plus, the things are darn useful, I somehow lost my tent stakes at FFEast this year so my tent was held down with props.
-Many, many, zip ties. Pretty self explanatory, really.

For a "normal" funfly, the packing load is a lot lighter.
-The big one is a popup canopy and a couple bag chairs. Funflies contain an awful lot of sitting around, since there normally isn't any building going on, and you aren't going to be flying the entire time. Having shade and a seat really helps.
-If you have the room, a small folding table. Most RC club fields don't have anywhere near enough tables/benches for everyone when a funfly is going on, so you should probably bring your own unless you're ok with setting up your planes on the ground.


Stuck in Sunny FL
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Ok, I don't think anyone has said "cooler" yet. So, I will, and I'll add it in.

Also, after going to the Huckoween event yesterday and the night before... I'll add a floormat and toilet paper.


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For the convenience over cost crowd: transmitter w/charger, receiver, lipo charger, batteries, tape, knife, screwdrivers and credit card to buy a cool plane.


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Ok, I've got more to add!

Snacks! I went to Huck-O-Ween, and I was certainly short on snacks. Fruit, candy, chips, whatever your flavor, bring something!

Preplan your meals, unless you intend to go out for lunch and dinner every day. You will not want to leave the field, because that's when something exciting will happen and you'll miss it. You can even pack the items in portions and combos for easier prepping.

Bring drinks, more than you think you'll need. Water, soda, gatorade, adult beverage of choice.... whatever. You'll be thirstier than expected, and you might even want to offer one or two to friends.

Flipflops or sandals. You may want to air out your feet, or if there's a shower facility, you'l want some sort of footware when you're in there.

Paper Towels. They're great for lots of things.

Not sure if it was mentioned, but toilet paper. Some of these events are harder hit than expected, and the port-o-let company may not service as often as the stalls may need, if at all. You might just end up being a hero if you have a spare roll or two when the need arises.
I agree with the list so far but with one addition.

COFFEE! and your choice of maker (I prefer a French press but a pour over or drip machine works too!)
Also, some extra mugs to share with friends.