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[Comparison] DJI Mavic Pro Vs DJI Spark Vs other DJI Drones


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While there are a lot of companies building and selling drones of all shapes and sizes one company always manages to come up on top and that is without a doubt DJI. With the latest unveiling of the DJI spark, DJI now has an option for almost every budget out there starting from just below the $500 up to several thousand dollars for the top of the line Inspire 2 drone. So if you are looking into buying a consumer level drone but not sure which drone to choose then you are in the right place. So we will compare the DJI Mavic Pro VS DJI Spark and will also discuss the DJI Phantom drones and even the DJI Inspire 2 to decide which is the best DJI drone to buy…

So check out the detailed comparison to see which DJI drone is better right here!
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I have a Mavic and a Phantom 4 Pro. I had a chance to play with a spark for a few hours and it felt more like a toy. The Mavic is a solid performer. The camera is good but delicate. THe P$P camera is much better but you won't see the benefit unless shooting at 2.7 or 4K and producing HD in post production. 1080P looks about the same in both. I've shot video with both in gusting 20kt winds and the video was rock steady. These are great camera platforms and they are expensive. If you want something to tear around the woods FPV, I'd build a FPV drone.

Also don't forget that State Farm and a few other companies offer insurance policies for recreational drone pilots. A Phantom 4 runs around $30/year and covers loss or damage. DJI has DJI Care Refresh which will replace the drone if it gets damaged, but you have to send in the carcass of the damaged one. The insurance companies don't require that, so if it flies off into the sunset on it's own lost for good, you're still covered.


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Thank you for your feedback...Those are good points you make

And I kinda agree, the Spark does feel like a bit of a toy but still it's quality is way better than similarly priced toy drones and it is worth the $500 in my opinion
First of all, Every DJI's drones are great. Mavic Pro has the amazing abilities, but it's main feature was the OcuSync until today. DJI has just announced Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 which has OcuSync's support. I think Mavic Pro's camera and flight abilities are excellent, but P4P blows it out of water. Mavic Air is slightly better than Mavic Pro but if you're not on budget I think Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 is the best choice now. As of today, one thing Mavic Pro has the advantage vs Phantom 4 Pro is the portability and smaller size.