Confused on how to install the new FT Vinyl/Fiberglass Mighty Mini Firewalls support arms


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Hi all,

I'm new to flitetest and to RC airplanes.

I feel sort of silly since this seems like it should be simple to figure out.

If anyone has some pictures or a video to show how to install the new FT Vinyl/Fiberglass Mighty Mini Firewall support arms, I would appreciate it. The video for the FT MINI Power Pod Build (Mighty Minis) uses the old wood based firewall. I have no idea how to install these new support arms. (I did install the firewall fine...)

Here's a link to the product, but it doesn't show the support arms:

Any tips would be appreciated.



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You solved it! They are control horns.

They were in the same package as the firewall, and when I looked at the product page it said something about support arms so that's what I thought they were.

Thank you!

(Here's a picture anyway.)

Thanks so much for replying!


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From the picture of the store item the "support arms" look to be molded into the firewall and are tabs to get a higher glue surface with the foam board. The original plywood firewalls were just a sheet of plywood with very little glue surface. That's why we would wrap packing tape around the foam board and firewall to add extra strength. These look similar to 3D printed FT firewalls available on Thingiverse.