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Control board question.

Hello all. First time posting so be kind. Im an old rc guy from way back and I live in a weird spot to say the least. Originally from Missouri now a long ways away for a long time now (10 years). So this whole quad thing has happened and to be hones I have never even seen one in person. We are moving to Florida in a little while so I thought I would get started now.

My build is a little different, but has been done and the results at least on You Tube were decent. Before I get into the build and lose a bunch of racers let me give some rational for the build I am doing.
Firs off my island is only 13 miles long with an airport. So a 10 mile stretch of my 13 mile island is a no fly zone. (0-10,000 being class b airspace)

Second it has to be quiet if somebody wants what you have they will kill you and take it from you.

I want to eventually explore the commercial side of sUAV in Florida as a less physical way of making a few dollars in my older age. So flying a heavier class of sUAV and logging flights for the impending full scale regulation should help in the future.

The main mission of the craft is to take photos and video up to a Sony NEX class camera with FPV. A long flight time and the ability to fight wind. I want it to have power for lifting, but be sporty and fun and STABLE. FPV will come later after I have mastered to craft.

So here is the build.
Tarot 650 Ironman with retractable gear, Tarot gimbal, Fat Shark FPV gimbal. T-motor 3520 - 14 - 300kv with 1768 props, Flysky X9D plus radio. And a huge 6S battery or two.

My questions are this. My plan 89% is to use the Naza lite with GPS unless somebody can convince me of a better unit. And KDE Esc's either 30 or 40 amp. The motors only pull 20 max so not sure on sizing. Kde has regenerative braking and that should help fight the big blades and motors and make them fly a little sharper I think.

So controller thoughts esc feedback? I will be emailing KDE to ask about ESC sizing as far as to big a bad thing.