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Control horn plans


since i live in europe ordering Control horn package is sort of shipping expensive. I wonder if it would be possible to post the schematic for the Control horn FT crew uses so that i can cut it from plywood. Doesnt need to be 100% accurate. 95% is enough :)

Thank you.


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I'll try and take a picture of the FT ones when I get home and post it for you. I'm not sure of the thickness of plywood off the top of my head but it's pretty simple if you have a small detail way of making the cuts and holes. I'm just lucky to have dental instruments around...hehe
I don't know if this would help but here's what I've been doing.
Once I made one I liked the look of I use it as a guide to cut all the rest since. I 'drill' the holes by spinning the tip of my exacto knife carefully from both sides. The key for me is keeping the holes on the overhang so they sit right along the hinge line when installed.


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Here is a 3d file for a control horn I whipped up real quick. It is based on some other plans I saw when I was browsing around for one. I tried it on my nut ball and it worked out pretty good. I printed it on a solid doodle.


STL File

Solidworks File