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Control surface movement


4s mini mustang
Try connecting your control rod to either the farthest out hole on your servo horn or the closest (to the control surface) hole on your control horn.


Elite member
Are you getting the full movement on your servo arm, and it's not restricted ny the transmitter - like the dual-rates switch on low or range not set to 100%?


Active member
Another thing to watch for is the servo rod bending. If it's bending/buckling inside the fuse, you won't get the push throw that you want.


Master member
Before I install my servos I go into my radio and adjust the servo throws to max the servo can use. Hook up your servos to the receiver turn everything on go into your radio find the servo page in my Spektrum DX9 it is called throws. I start turning up my throws until I can hear the servo start to chatter and back of a couple of clicks. This will give you full range of your servos but also make it more linear to your stick movements.