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Help! Control Without Pushrods

Put my first real (mini scout) build back on the workbench and I realised that I don't have any rods to push my control surfaces. Suggestions for alternatives? Can I use string or wire if extend the horn through the surface and have two connection points?


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If you build light and use small servos mounted close to the control surface then the push rod can be really short. Just the wire from a paper clip will do. ;)

The aileron link on my 40" (1015 mm) span Super Cub.
.020 or .032 welding wire also works well. Small spool for $10 is pretty much a lifetime supply.
I ran out of music wire I had, so I bought more pushrods several weeks ago and had to wait on them holding up a build yet have a few spools of welding wire in the barn...didnt even think of it, thanks for that, I have a couple lifetime supplies of push rods now


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@Aireal Anarchist it's not quite as stiff as same size of music wire but close, and most importantly, cheap and abundant! Lol I love using the .023 on micro builds, it just fits most micro servos. If I have to run .023 very far i'll use a little coffee straw or poly tube as a guide (or go with .035 or .040)

And I'd you dont have a welder setting around your own shop, any exhaust shop in town would give you a couple feet for a handshake...