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controller advice


Junior Member
hi all, i am new to the forum and have only started getting in to multicopters, i would like some help on a controller board, i am looking for good controller board with the option to update, or a mid entry board with some good features,
gps,return to home and that option where forward is forward no matter what way its facing, is it called care free, any way all them bits, i would like to built a 600mm copter with either 4 or 6 motors,

any help would be great

thanks dave


Rotor Riot!
the one he is looking for is the DJI NAZA; it costs US$ 400,00 for the FC + GPS ....

a bit steep for those who are starting now ....


Junior Member
hi i have found dji naza on ebay,
now not sure if thats an original unit but if this unit is a rated controller and is recomended i will go for it,
the kk2 board looks good with the lcd display but i want a board that can be upgraded or comes with full speck.
what about the rabbit controller or Arducopter 2.5
just to add to it i would like to add the option of a gimbal controls
thanks dave
the NAZA you found doesnt have the GPS ... look for the NAZA + GPS COMBO (multicopter version)

I personally have the KK2.0 and im loving it ....

As colorex pointed; the arducopter its pretty complete FC but requires a good knowledge before you even turn the motors ON.

I would go with the KK 2.0 and you will be flying imediatelly; you can also buy the NAZA / APM later after you have developed the right skills to fly / program it !