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converted pylon racer


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I have been enjoying the flight simulator and especially the gliders with air brakes (crow), so I have been dreaming of adding them to this ship which is quite fast and I am a bit scared of the landing speed! My mate @jonoashton can do it but I will feel safer with some brakes!

Today was the day - out came the knife and the beginning of some flaps - I was surprised the wing is balsa sheeted not FG - the TE of the wing is hollow so I needed to build up the open side of the new flaps - A little balsa strip is now glued in place.

I am thinking I may as well put them on a seperate servos so I can run them as full span ailerons or flaps.

Step one completed! :)



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A bit more progress - yes I used my micro cable ties again, however this time I used a slightly beefier one given this ship is more of a beast - remember to ‘V’ the centre with a blunt chisel for the folding point.

Drilled the pilot holes and glued the cable ties into the flap side - added some blocks with CA to pack the wing side.