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Cool idea

Make an extra video where the wifes of josh s and josh b and chad try to fly the bixler.
Now that sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe start them on a Sim first, that should produce lots of laughter, then on to the real plane. Come on gals, jump on this, what great fun. Then at the end show Chad's son flying.


Elemental Madness
don't think they will miss the word "try" in there. They may take this as a challenge. I think I will wait and see...:cool:

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
have the wifes go to a hobby store with theam when shoping ,LoL
Noooooo, that totally kills the fun of going to the hobby shop lol. I see it a lot, the wives with arms crossed and feet tapping checking the time every two seconds. They seem to lose track of time in craft stores though. Maybe we need to combine the two.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I have to shop online since there are ZERO hobby shops within several hundred miles that cater to my interest so I am not in trouble with the wife till the mail comes. ;)