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Cool stuff from ImmersionRC

After reading some of the posts from sander sassen (ImmersionRC) on a dutch fpv forum I went to the facebook page of immersion rc an i saw this picture:

The white plate is an antenna for 5.8 GHz.
But the antenna is mounted on a black box....
So what is it? Well I am pretty sure it's a "plug 'n play" tracker....

And then this picture:

These are RX modules for fatsharks !!

1 They are releasing 3 types of modules instead of 2. Now they also have an 1.3 GHz module so I think that they also will make some TX modules for 1.3 GHz. (Just like they did with 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz)
2 The RX modules have a higher sensitivity which is one of the most important things for long(er) range :)

Ps. I have heard some rumors about a new EZosd with RTH, knowing ImmersionRC this will be plug 'n play and just as reliable as their other products :)


Propaganda machine
They're hard to find anywhere in stock. There's a V2 due out any day soon too, though I think they'll get caught up in CNY issues if they don't hurry...

Even better would be a box like this with another vtx built in to relay it to goggles' vrx incorporated into it. For each frequency of course.