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How do you feel about Coronavirus?

  • This is serious business!

    Votes: 22 35.5%
  • Definitely overhyped by the media!

    Votes: 28 45.2%
  • I'm divided on the issue....

    Votes: 9 14.5%
  • Other (please specify)

    Votes: 3 4.8%

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Kinda surprised this hasn't been brought up in the forums yet due to how big it has been in the news. So what are everyone's thoughts and feelings on this virus? Are you taking it pretty seriously? Do you think it's a huge blow up by the media to make us all paranoid? Are you divided on the topic?

As for me...I feel pretty serious about it BUT on the other hand, I do feel the media has no doubt overhyped it. I am going to take the necessary precautions that I can to avoid getting it. Has it really stopped me from doing my normal day to day life? Well not really...I am kind of a recluse anyways. lol. I pretty much go to work and then back home when the work day is over. I'm fortunate that my line of work is more just "office work" instead of being in crowds. And it seems when it comes to flying, I prefer being alone for that too.

Oh, and here's an interesting tidbit... probably 3-4 months back our daughter Sadie (who was born prematurely at 24 weeks...she is now 2 years old) was running a high temperature one evening. We took her to the ER. She came back positive for coronavirus...BUT it was obviously NOT this strand that's been going around recently. And speaking of our daughter, we are doing the best we can to protect her from this virus...we've actually been isolating her anyways from things like RSV, flu, etc.


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Here you can find more info: it's in German but its the best info I can find.

Even more info for you guys (translated from German)
Statistics and the corona virus

If you look at the numbers of infected people and in relation to the people who die from them, the statistics appear relatively high in comparison. Why is that?

Italy currently reports 12,400 infected and 820 dead. That's 6.77% who die from it.

But is the statistics to be taken seriously?

A very clear “NO”.

The statistics are still too young and the undisclosed number, i.e. people who are infected and have mild to no symptoms, do not run straight to the doctor or hospital and are therefore not registered as infected. Experience shows that the number of unreported cases is always many times higher!

If we now take all countries with infected people together, which results in “somewhat” more precise statistics, because of course more infected people are registered, the mortality rate drops enormously. Because it hit Italy harder? No! Because more infected people were registered!

116 countries worldwide are affected with a total of 126,000 infected. Of these, 4,600 people died. The mortality rate worldwide is "currently" at 3.65% and thus the mortality rate due to more infected people who have registered have not increased, but decreased significantly! That proves a very clear picture! The mortality does not increase with more registered, but it decreases!

Of course, 3.65% deaths are still high. But as explained above, this is because the statistics are still too young and therefore too imprecise.

Many who are registered are people who go to the hospital because they are already dirty and of course there is simply a higher chance that an infection with complications will take place and the mortality rate of these registered people will also increase.

However, people who have mild to no symptoms are often not registered at all because, as mentioned above, they do not run straight to the doctor.

So if we want realistic mortality rate statistics, a lot more people would have to be registered as infected. This would further reduce the mortality rate enormously into a zero point range!

The influenza is notifiable. In other words, this must be reported to the Robert Koch Institute. If you go to the doctor with the flu, you will receive health insurance and report the infection to the Robert Koch Institute.

Influenza has been reported for tens of years and therefore there are also very precise and clear statistics, with over millions of registrations in Germany alone over the years. Accordingly, the mortality rate for influenza is in the 0.2% range.

Even if there are millions of registrations for influenza, the statistics will not change due to the enormous number of cases.

For example, you start a new country and open a single company. What is the percentage of economic growth in your newly founded country? It is 100%. Is this young statistic realistic? Of course not. There would have to be dozens of other companies, bankruptcies, etc., so that we can get clear statistics.

Swine flu also had a relatively high death rate in 2009/10 due to young statistics. The media, of course again the media, terrified people with numbers and statistics.

Now, 10 years later, when you have fairly accurate statistics, you know that swine flu was the mildest flu wave in history, with a mortality rate of 0.01%. So one in 10,000 died of it.

But this was not known at the time. People let the media influence them like sheep and when the vaccine came they ran to the doctors to get vaccinated. With the mildest flu wave in history, the pharmaceutical industry posted billions in profits thanks to media propaganda!

Many countries adhere to what the WHO says. But the problem is, as is officially known, that WHO receives millions of donations from the pharmaceutical industry! The WHO is therefore not absolutely independent and decides for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry and private powerful donors! And now just turn your mind on!

Many people act with fear here. Neither objectively nor with reason and also not considered, but simply with fear! Fear was, as human history shows, "never" a good advisor. On the contrary, the biggest disasters happened! And the media steer the masses with fear, as they always have and do!

Don't be sheep! Meeeh you sheep!

Your friend Petros Avraam

Quelle Statistik Italien:

Quellen: https://www.spiegel.de/…/coronavirus-italien-schliesst-alle…

Quelle Statistik weltweit:


Quelle die WHO und die Pharmaindustrie:

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Something I kinda feel that is going to happen to...is once this blows over, folks will revert back to old habits of not washing/sanitizing like they used to do. And it's really something they should've done all along anyways.

I am in no a way a germaphobe or anything (I consider myself decent), but I have seen some pretty disgusting things from folks.

I got a good stockpile of foamboard already from late last year. ;)


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why take the chance guys if it's bad or not just take care. would not like to hear from anyone that some one is on a bad spot. i can't stand the thought of one of my kid's or any member of my family or friend's being on the spot. so let's not chance it take care of your self and your family and friends. follow the rules just like we do when flying. stay safe and the lord be with all of you.


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It's a mixed bag. Unfortunately some people are blowing some things out of proportion, others are making false claims, and some are in shear panic. Be informed, take standard precautions, and if you are sick, stay home rather than spreading the bug.

My sisters and I were supposed to move my Dad into a bigger assisted living apartment Saturday, but due to the recent state of Ohio restrictions for single visitor per day for residents in nursing homes and assisted living, we will have to do it over a series of days. I take care of all his tech gear, so need to get in first so he has phone, internet, etc... He is high risk for COVID-19, so this is good to know that they are working to limit exposure.



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Difficult to answer.... today we got message a school children locally (low class) is infected ... would you all sent your children to kindergarden or school, when you know children there does got it? or would you rather be pleased school shut down at moment in precaution?... Here , the last happend, all schools.
But im European, not living in US...but no, personally im not scared.
Hyped? no, how fast this spreads, warnings is in order.


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I think this whole Coronavirus has been overhyped for sure. Just like everything else there is fear in the unknown. Fear is the emotion that media makes money on. I went grocery shopping yesterday and there was no toilet paper to be found in the store. Why just toilet paper? I will tell you why? Social media says that's what people need to do. It's a respiratory infection, not a rectal infection lol. Why aren't people stocking up on water and food, because it wasn't mentioned on social media. I read a notice from the Government of Canada yesterday explaining the numbers of cases and fatalities in this country. The infected and fatal cases is very low. Just as many people or if not more are infected and die from the influenza virus per year. It's just something to click bait people into getting their attention. They don't even have a cure for the common cold because it mutates so much. Or I could be wrong and this could be the end of life as we know it. Not likely though. Look at SARS or H1N1, we are still here. We haven't taken any serious precautions yet, but we are watching to see how this plays out. As i understand it Italy has now shut down all travel in and out, is that hype or is it warrented, who knows?