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Correct SD Cards for GoPro HD Hero 2/1


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey guys,

I was saving up all my money from my birthday and much more to finally get it and YES on Tuesday the package arrived with the GoPro HD Hero 2.
I ordered a class 6 SD card (16GB; 30mb/s) and I was just asking myself if these could limit the quality of the picture.

Up to now I have been doing videos inside most of the times at low light and there comes the bad side of the GoPro. I know I won´t be using it like that anyway, but I just want to test the camera myself as I have one month of testing time at the shop I bought it from.

I did a video outside where I mounted the camera on my dads car and we just drove around a little. He drove aggressively on purpose to push the cam to its limits but even me having seen how much the camera vibrates on the front of the car, was stunned with the fact, that there was literally no vibration at all on the video. This video was taken outside but it was very cloudy so it is hard to compare the video with what I´ve seen on the internet so far. Of course I don´t want to compare it with the original video because that is definitely edited (isn´t it). I kinda see my gopro being a little worse at video quality but I think that is just what I keep telling myself and when it comes to a nice blue sky day, I´ll see the real quality of the cam (at least I hope)

So I just wanted to ask also what camera settings you mostly use?
I am mostly impressed with the 960p at 60 fps
I hope the 1080p will be better at lighter conditions...
and I didn´t see really any big differences with the option of using that focus function where the gopro focuses to the middle spot of the picture.


Minnesota Flyer
Hi, I too own a GoPro Hero, I found that the best class is a class 4 SD with 32gb of storage, I can get up to 3.5-4 hours of video on the card in HD! Hoped I could help and happy flying!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
afaik you will only need a class 10 card for the photo burst function, for normal video a class 4 or higher should do
Okay thanks that what I wanted to know :) I was afraid my card not being "good enough" for the cam.

I´ll see how it works in better light conditions. I got nowere near as this video. The quality of my videos was something like parts here where it says indoor light and low light. I didn´t get any chance to see it on a really bright day.

What mode did you use? I noticed a decline in quality in the middle (noise) and narrow mode (more noise), I guess thats because in these modes it doesn't use the whole sensor.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
No I guess that isn´t the problem. I mostly use it in 1080p or 960p.The good thing about 960p is that the framerate increases and makes the picture look a little sturdier.

I decided to keep it now anyways.
I made one video in really bright conditions and that was good. The only thing I realised is that the place I live at, doesn´t really have nice colours. It all comes around a brown and the grass at the moment isn´t green either. So in summer it should be even better as the location on itself will look nicer :D
But great cam! I can only advertise anyone to get one for recording FPV footage.

A little side effect. The + 150 grams of the camera made my Tricopter fly much more steady then before.