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How to buy a high-quality stainless steel sink
As a regular consumer, we often don't self-receive stainless steel (304 #, 202 #, 201 #) as good or bad, but how to choose a stainless steel that suits each each person's needs?
I think the following factors can help people choose a stainless steel basin that suits their needs. Such as size, thickness, weight, depth, technology and other aspects ...
1. Size of pots
Decided by the size is to create a homogeneous space in the kitchen. In general, the higher the price, the more sophisticated the design and many utilities integrated in the same product as the knife tray, garbage compartment, etc., but the consumer in choosing should choose the appropriate type of pots for the item. my destination is in houses, restaurants, restaurants, public, hospitals ...
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2. Compared to the thickness
Sink thickness is very important, currently on the market mainly 0.8-1.2 mm based. Choosing this type of pot is resistant to corrosion and is not deformed when subjected to strong impact, vibration and noise protection. The structure is stronger and more sturdy.
3. Weighing weight
The main ingredient that produces pots is steel plates. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel gravity of 7.87, which contains nickel, chromium and other heavy metals, the ratio of heavy metals to steel is large, so the weight is relatively heavy (socks Of course, also refer to plate thickness). If it is quality stainless steel, nickel, chromium and other components on a small percentage of light.
4. Compared to the depth
The depth of the sink is also an important factor related to its price. Depth makes the storage capacity much, but if the type of pots is too large and the depth is added, when using it will be inconvenient in the process of flushing (long wait), so carefully consider the size compared to depth of pots. Specifically, the depth of 200 - 220 mm is good, this can effectively prevent splashing water droplets, while the usual depth is 180mm, which is also the deciding factor for imported sink products. High-class password than conventional washbasin.
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5. Process Rate
The production process is also related to price. Stainless steel sinks manufactured with modern technology such as intact welding and casting methods. We have seen some brands appear the same size, but the prices are very different. Not only are physical factors, but also the cost of technology.
Surface treatment processes affect results and scores. The type uses sink surface treatment processes, such as brush (matte), electric (pearl silver), polishing, etc., the price is also different. Treatment process with Brush (matte) is the true nature of stainless steel, satin surface sink after prolonged use, always bright as new, more luxurious.
Electrolysis (pearl silver) after processing looks higher, but the process is good or bad is not easy to identify, for example only in the surface coated with a silver-plated product, real performance Sac is not as ordinary stainless steel sink. Current drawing and surface treatment with electricity is the best choice.
6. Look at the accessories
Accessories directly related to future maintenance costs are good or bad, watertight, corrosion-resistant pipes are a major determinant for leakage, the new drainage surface must be resistant to corrosion and escape. fast water. Spill-proof equipment must be available to prevent spillage, the curvature of the exhaust must be available or the filter must retain water to prevent stinking.
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Yeah, they have that. Just make sure you pay attention to the build and lighten the tail as much as you can. This little guy can be real tail heavy, and it is small enough that you don't want to add a bunch of weight to compensate. I used gorilla glue on the back, paper off foam on the insides of the fuse behind the CG, even peeled the posterboard used on the rear of the plane to reduce weight. Hot melt was used on the plane forward of the CG to help balance. Never needed extra weight on mine and she flies sweet!